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Welcome to Film Geelong - a partnership between the Borough of Queenscliffe, City of Greater Geelong, Golden Plains Shire and Surf Coast Shire. Film Geelong is a one-stop shop to explore opportunities for film and television production. The broader Geelong region is Victoria's premier location destination offering a diverse, flexible and film friendly production environment - and all within easy reach of the world class facilities of Melbourne. Film Geelong - the best of both worlds.

Drysdale Train Station

Getting Started - What is Film Geelong

Find out how Film Geelong provides fuss free, simple and supportive location shooting and read about the history of film and television production in the region.

Geelong Region - All You Need to Know

See what possibilities the Geelong region has to offer for you and your project team with all the info you need - its townships, people, transport, climate and facilities.

Locations- The Possibilities

Explore the region's broad  on screen potential - with diverse locations and  experience with built and natural environments available for shooting through the Locations Library.

The Fine Print - Get The Green Light

The policies, guidelines, and application forms required to gain approval for your project to proceed in Geelong. Check here for all the information you'll need including key contacts.

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